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5 Kickass WPMU Blog Plugins for Multisite and Buddypress

WordPress AutoBlog Plugin

Schedule the importing of content from anywhere on the internet quickly and easily. Or, disperse content from one blog to multiple. Choose to import a post excerpt or the entire post. Headers can be linked to the original source post.

WordPress Autoblog Plugin

WordPress Blog and User Creator Plugin

Bulk create users and blogs including setting passwords, urls, and titles.

Wordpress Blog and User Creator Plugin

WordPress Blogs Directory Plugin

Easy and customizable list of every site in your network. This plugin creates a completely automated directory that is searchable.

WordPress Blogs Directory Plugin

WordPress Blogs Widget Plugin

This plugin will generate a feed of freshly updated blogs on your WordPress Multisite network. Includes avatars.
WordPress Blogs Widget Plugin

WordPress Easy Blogging Plugin

Offer WordPress beginners a simple blog interface. This plugin simplifies the WordPress dashboard including only the necessities. Choose from four nifty themes.
WordPress Easy Blogging Plugin Demo

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