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WordPress Directory Plugin FAQ: Where is the Default Theme?

You’ve installed the WordPress Directory Plugin

However, you are not seeing the nifty styling in our screenshots and the official plugin page screenshots:
Wordpress Directory Plugin- Frontend Demo

When you try to use another theme, you are still seeing strange styling, especially when including the WordPress Directory Plugin shortcodes. What gives?

In fact, the WordPress Directory Plugin comes with a ‘default’ theme that works and looks great with the plugin’s functionality. It is this ‘default’ theme you will see in the plugin’s screenshots.

Ok.. So how do I install/activate the WordPress Directory Plugin’s Default Theme?

Great question! The default ‘Directory’ theme will not appear in your WordPress Themes until you do the following:

Move the theme named “default” out of the WordPress Directory Plugin directory and into your WordPress themes directory.

The default theme starts out here:

You need to move the “default” theme to here:

Then, you will see the ‘Directory’ theme installed and can activate the theme as usual from your WordPress Admin:
Wordpress Directory Plugin- Active Directory Theme

Happy listing!

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