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WordPress Fundraising Plugin

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Wordpress Fundraising Plugin, Version, developed by WPMU DEV.

EXACT same plugin (Version being distributed by WPMU DEV here.

Quickly set your crowdfunding campaign on your own website. Raise money for your projects without paying any third party fees!

100% Buddypress and MultiSite Compatible.

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The WordPress Fundraising Plugin

Maximize your take-away from nonprofit or personal fundraising projects with the WordPress Fundraising Plugin. Quickly set your crowdfunding campaign on your own website.
Wordpress Fundraising Plugin-Demo Frontend

The WordPress Fundraising Plugin for WPMU: How It Works

Compatible with Any Theme
This plugin uses shortcodes and widgets to integrate with any theme you choose!

Start Your Own Crowdfunding Platform!
Compatible with both Buddypress and Multisite, the WordPress Fundraising Plugin can easily be turned into a crowdfunding machine!
Just set your fundraising features with an easy setting interface and…Start! You can also edit the settings based on user’s role.

So Many Options
This plugin includes everything you’ve come to expect from a crowdfunding / fundraising site, including:

  • Goal start/ finish dates
  • Rewards for different donor levels
  • Process donations when a project is ‘fully funded’ or as they come in
  • Support for the trusted PayPal gateway

… Have a look at the backend settings!
Wordpress Fundraising Plugin- Demo Settings Presentation
Wordpress Fundraising Plugin- Demo Settings Permissions
Wordpress Fundraising Plugin- Demo Settings Payments

WordPress Fundraising Plugin: Translations?

100% Translated

  • English
Over 90% Translated

  • German
For demos and a complete list of features of the WordPress Fundraising plugin, visit the official plugin page.

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WordPress Fundraising, Version


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2 reviews for WordPress Fundraising Plugin

  1. Seth Czerepak

    As you know, one of the primary problems with fundraisers is you don’t always know where your money is going. But the WPMU DEV fundraising integrates directly with Paypal, so anyone who can set up a Paypal account can become a donor or launch their own fundraising project.

    This eliminates the middle man and creates a culture of transparency by sending all of the money (except for Paypal’s small cut) into the pocket of the person who is raising the funds.

    The fundraising plugin also sends a receipt to the person who is making the donation do they can see exactly where their money is going.

  2. Jonathan John

    WordPress Fundraising is a plugin release from the folks over at WPMU Dev. Fully functional and compatible with any theme, the plugin integrates with both Multisite and BuddyPress to give you the potential to create a full-fledged crowdfunding network.

    You can choose to receive funds immediately after they have been collected, or only if and when the project has been fully funded. Expiration dates for each new project can be set, and you can customize donor rewards for specific contribution levels. You can also allow recurring donations, create personalized thank you messages, and use multiple currencies.

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