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MarketPress eCommerce Plugin

(12 customer reviews)


Wordpress MarketPress eCommerce Plugin, Version 3.2.8, developed by WPMU DEV.

EXACT same plugin (Version 3.2.8) being distributed by WPMU DEV here.

100% Buddypress and MultiSite Compatible.

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The WordPress MarketPress eCommerce Plugin for WPMU

No extensions required, this eCommerce plugin is feature complete. Find out why thousands have chosen MarketPress eCommerce.

WordPress MarketPress eCommerce Plugin: Product Variations, Sale Prices & More!

Support for product variations, downloadable products and stock tracking– MarketPress eCommerce Plugin has got all this and more.
MarketPress eCommerce Plugin- Add a Product
MarketPress eCommerce Plugin- Demo Add a Product 2

Payment Gateways

Built-in support for 15 payment gateways!
MarketPress eCommerce Plugin- Demo Payment Gateways


Yep! WordPress MarketPress eCommerce Plugin offers support for countless useful shortcodes…
MarketPress eCommerce Plugin- Demo Shortcodes

For demos and a complete list of features of the WordPress MarketPress eCommerce plugin, visit the official plugin page.

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12 reviews for MarketPress eCommerce Plugin

  1. Cameron Chapman

    Regardless of what WordPress theme you’re using, MarketPress will work. And it’s got all kinds of AJAXy goodness to make it look great. MarketPress comes with a number of amazing themes that can be customized without coding required, but you also have the option to fully customize the way it looks with CSS.

  2. WinkPress

    MarketPress is a very clean and professional shopping cart plugin for WordPress by WPMU DEV. What I like most about it is the quality of integration with WordPress. Like other WPMU DEV products, this one feels as if it were developed by the makers of WordPress themselves.

    While MarketPress lacks some features, it’s built on a solid foundation that allows it to be extended by developers easily.

  3. Catalin Zorzini

    MarketPress, prudently written by experienced WordPress developers at WPMU DEV, is a well designed, easily customizable and feature-rich eCommerce plug-in. The main motive behind the development of this fabulous plug-in is delivering users a simple, beautiful and enjoyable shopping cart experience without any add-on or extension. Thus, MarketPress is a WPMU DEV’s effort of putting together the powers of different plug-ins into one single standalone eCommerce solution.

  4. Gkemperle

    works great!

  5. Leedman

    I never dreamed it possible yet here I am doing it.. launching an etsy-style network using the marketpress premium plugin.

    Really nice work. Can’t do this with Woo.

  6. Callummccormick

    Used on multiple client sites. Does what it says on the tin.

  7. Victor87

    The default grid layouts for products are nice, and easily tweaked. Simple wp e-commerce plugin.

  8. wpsalad

    Real money-making plugin! Keep up the great work guys!

  9. maniu

    I tried other solutions but this one is the easiest. Highly recommended!

  10. Michael Copestake

    I switched to MarketPress from WP e-commerce and I would never switch back! Works very well!

  11. Vaughan

    still not as powerful as some competitors, but getting better & better with every version.

  12. Vidrasa Metra

    I used to use Woocommerce but I needed Buddypress. A great alternative!

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