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WordPress Q&A Plugin

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Wordpress Q&A Plugin, Version, developed by WPMU DEV. 100%

EXACT same plugin (Version being distributed by WPMU DEV here.

Build your own Q&A portal– such as Quora or Yahoo Answers– into any Wordpress site.

Buddypress and MultiSite Compatible.



The WordPress Q&A Plugin for WPMU

Everything you need for adding a professional Q&A knowledgebase to your WordPress website. You users do NOT have to log in to WordPress admin to post content. Easy frontend editing maximises your user experience.


Increase User Participation with ‘Voting’
Users can answer questions and receive ‘votes’ which display on their personal profile page. In fact, users can vote on both answers and questions. You may even choose to allow ‘anonymous’ users to answer questions on your website.

Powerful Searching and Email Alerts
Custom categories and tags help your users create ‘search-ready’ questions and answers. Any user can subscribe to a question and get an email alert when an answer to that question is posted on your site.

Complete Styling Control
WordPress Q&A Plugin includes a powerful WYSIWIG. Also included are template files for advanced customisation.

Comprehensive Permissions
Share the moderation workload! This plugin lets you define detailed permissions for every user role on your site.

WordPress Q&A Plugin: Translations?

100% Translated

  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Korean
  • Arabic
Over 90% Translated

  • Japanese
  • Polish

For demos and a complete list of features of the WordPress Q&A In plugin, visit the official plugin page.

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WordPress Q&A, Version


As Released


GPL 2.0



2 reviews for WordPress Q&A Plugin

  1. Chris K

    This plugin’s biggest advantage is its use of the full WYSIWYG editor with support for adding media.

    It also comes with four widgets: question categories, questions, question tags and users with highest reputation. The last in the list being extremely useful if you are looking to build a community around your forum.

    A solid plugin that provides much of the standard functionality but does differentiate itself with the file upload support.

  2. Vidrasa Metra

    a wonderful addition to your WordPress website. The additional pages create great SEO for your site.

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