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WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin

(4 customer reviews)


Wordpress Ultimate Branding Plugin, Version 3.4.1, developed by WPMU DEV.

EXACT same plugin (Version 3.4.1) being distributed by WPMU DEV here.

100% Buddypress and MultiSite Compatible.

Great for white labels, this plugin lets you customize the branding on the front-end and back-end of your Wordpress site/s.

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WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin includes the following merged plugins:
Wordpress Custom Content Dashboard Plugin
WordPress Global Footer Content Plugin
WordPress Admin Footer Text Plugin
WordPress Remove Permalinks Menu Plugin
WordPress Admin Message Plugin

The WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin

Strip out WordPress Branding

With the WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin, you can finally strip out all reference to the ‘WordPress’ brand. Or, change those references to your own brand name or logo.
WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin- Login Image Frontend

Add Your Branding

Use WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin to re-brand your network with a custom…

  • Favicon
  • Logo on the backend admin bar
  • Login image

Best of all, you can do a search and replace on the word ‘WordPress’ to add your own custom name throughout the site/s.

Modules You Can Brand
Login Image
Custom Admin Bar
Custom E-mail From Headers
Remove WP Dashboard Widgets
Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site
Admin Help Content
Global Footer Content
Global Header Content
Dashboard Footer Content
Rebranded Meta Widget
Remove Permalinks Menu Item
Site Generator Replacement
Network Wide Text Change
Custom Multisite Favicons
Custom Admin CSS
Custom Login CSS
Hide Dashboard Welcome
Ultimate Color Schemes
Admin Message

Color Styling and Backend Layout

When it comes to branding, color matters. Define a custom color palette for your backend dashboard. Brand your login with custom fonts, colors and a background image.

Don’t we all want to customize the default WordPress backend? If you are white-labeling WordPress site/s for customers this is critical.  Use WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin to…

  • Create custom Admin menus or re-order existing ones
  • Customize the backend ‘Dashboard’ by removing widgets you don’t want or blocking 3rd party widgets you don’t want installed
  • Create custom ‘Admin Help Content’

Create a Global Header Message!
WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin- Custom Header Content Settings
… or Create a Custom Admin Bar!
WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin- Custom Admin Bar Settings

For demos and a complete list of features of the WordPress Ultimate Branding In plugin, visit the official plugin page.

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4 reviews for WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin

  1. Joe Fylan

    This is a great premium plugin that is ideal for getting around the multitude of issues that arise when using WordPress to create an online solution for a client.

  2. Tom Ewer

    They considered just about everything with this one, allowing you to customize how your dash looks down to the smallest detail. You can go through the standard customization options like adding your logo to the login page as well as adjust what the admin bar says, get rid of widgets on the dashboard to remove unnecessary clutter and confusion, change the help content, change text across the entire network, and even install multisite favicons.

  3. HacknGeek

    This WordPress Plugin tutorial shows how to customize the WordPress login page, admin bar, change the dashboard footer content and create your own help menu using Ultimate Branding. Ultimate Branding helps keep your sites moving fast while helping with customer retention and brand recognition.

  4. WPlifeguard

    Ultimate Branding allows you to easily white-label the entire WordPress admin area, from the admin bar, to the dashboard and a whole lot more besides.

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